Ok! It’s iPhone 5 storm in Taiwan now

通常我們在每個月的五號慶祝是因為發薪日,但在 2012/12/05 這天我們不是因為這原因,是因為 iPhone 5  終於要在台灣上市了!!

Usually people in Taiwan cheers on 5th of every month is because of the pay day. But it is not for today, 12/05/2012. Because finally, it is the release date of iPhone 5 here.


So we think this screen would been showed in front of most Taiwanese people this morning………. traffic JAM!!!!!


And after your consistency of uncountable hours effort. It became like this……. data transfer ERROR


Hahaha we really need to be used to this kind of yearly paradise on the internet. Wish all you guys have best luck!


P.S 一下,另外我們想要給大家看一個來自大陸內線人員在酒吧裡撿到的超棒 iPhone 5皮革背蓋。

P.S And we want to show you a rumored stunning iPhone 5 leather case which leaked from our China resource and been found in a bar 😉

開玩笑的,每一個的 alto 產品都是”台灣手工製作“的,而且我們真的覺得這款新產品很棒,也希望你們會喜歡。

Just kidding. Every alto products is truly “Handmade in Taiwan”. We really really love it and hope you will love it too.