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2013 Computex 是我們在品牌創立兩年後第一次嘗試全球市場,一隻漸漸長大的箭魚永遠都渴望一個更大的海洋去悠游。


與 Focal Point 的社長 西山和宏先生 分別在 2013 及 2014 的 Computex 會場上見面,經過了幾個月的討論,我們雙方確定了今年是開始合作經營市場的一年,Focal Point 是一間相當優良的日本經銷商/代理商,旗下代理了許多世界級的品牌,如 Mophie, OtterBox, TUNEWEAR, Just Mobile 等等,而我們很高興 alto 在 2014 年的八月也已經成為這個大家庭的其中一份子。


對於長期喜歡 alto 的日本朋友們,請參考以下 Focal Point 剛發佈的新聞稿:http://www.focal.co.jp/alto/  對於知道大家從今天起將可以比過去更輕鬆地在日本看到我們,我們真的感到很榮幸也很高興。




2013 Computex is our first try to go worldwide after 2 years launched of the brand. A growing swordfish always wants a bigger pool to swim.


Mr. Kazuhiro Nishiyama, the president of Focal Point Inc., came to see our booth 2 years in the row in 2013 and 2014. And after months of discussion, both of us see it is time to work together for Japan market now. Focal Point Inc is a top-tier distributor/agent in Japan. And carries several world class brands such like Mophie, OtterBox, TUNEWEAR, Just Mobile, etc. We are great to say that alto has been a member of this big family in Japan from August/2014.


For our friends who love alto  in Japan. Please see the following news released from Focal Point : http://www.focal.co.jp/alto/.  We are really honoured and glad to inform you that you can find us much easier than ever from now.


Appreciate for all of your supports to us. Thank you very much.


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