6th Anniversary Limited Edition Travel Phone Wallet with Commemorative Color

In 2016, the success of the fund-raising campaign for the mobile phone travel wallet has a special meaning for Alto. The design was initially intended to solve one’s own daily inconveniences, hoping to create a leather accessory for more appropriate collection of personal belongings and for travel usage. Even until now, Alto has received lots of customers’ letters that appreciate such fine creation. Alto wholeheartedly thank our customers’ for their support and appreciation of this product.

During this period, Alto has continuously searched for splendid Italian leather able to bring about the sense of refreshment. Therefore, on our sixth anniversary, Alto moved ahead to promoted three limited commemorative colors, “Carbon”, “Chianti” and “Cement”. We hope to offer our customers with more choices to meet their prefered styles.

Let’s introduce the details about the Travel Phone Wallet.

Simplification to Enjoy the Best of Life
You might have the same concerns as we do. We want an accessory that will allow people to carry their mobile phones, wallets, keys, and other personal belongings with ease. This eliminates the inconvenience of carrying them by hand or stuffing them into our pocket. Hence, Alto is offering a solution in which the accessory can provide enough space for your original wallet, mobile phone wallet, coin purse, or passport bag, but maintains our style which accents refined simplicity. It is perfect for carrying all of your daily personal belongings. This creation, extending from the concept of the slanting pocket of mobile phone leather sleeve of the Metro series, offers a helping hand in carrying needed personal belongings such as your mobile phone, cards, or earphones with convenience and ease.

▲The outer pocket solves the inconvenience of repeated zipping and supports you to access the mobile phone at any time.

▲The interlayer dedicated to a mobile phone is offered for long-term carry with elaborate material and full protection.

▲In addition to the basic need for carrying cards, a pocket is offered to hold more cards or small items.

▲ Inside the pocket is hidden space for the placement of sim cards and pins, so that travelers can change and collect their sim cards easily.

▲ The pocket at the right side can hold coins. As the leather sheet covers its top, coins will surely stay well in the pocket instead of dropping from it.

▲ The large space of the pocket can also support the collection of banknotes, a charging line, or any needed belongings.

▲  The bag body is created in accordance with the size of a mobile phone smaller than 5.5 inches as well as a passport. The bag is for general use, whether in daily life or in a travel.

▲ An YKK zipper with a special customized copper ring is applied.

Materials: Italian aniline cowhide, advanced ultrafine-fiber lining.
Metal accessories: YKK zipper, copper D ring
(The golden metal accessories are applied to products of Caramel, Lemon, Cement and Chianti colors. The matte black ones are applied to those of the Navy, Raven, and Cement colors.)
Components: An interlayer dedicated to a mobile phone, 4 card positions, 1 small pocket, 1 pocket with large collection space, and an outer pocket.
Dimension: 185mm ×100mm ×17mm

How to use the product:
・Placing a passport and a mobile phone within a case and smaller than 5.5 inches.
・Placing cards, business cards, coins, banknotes, or needed small items.
・Placing a mobile phone or a passport in the outer pocket for easy access.

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6th Anniversary Limited Colors: