Alto’s “Metamorphoses” for 6th Anniversary: More Leather Accessories

Alto Design is 6 years old! Since our establishment, over two thousand days have passed, dozens of items have been developed, and tens of thousands of people have purchased our product. We dearly cherish the support and companionship of our customers. As our 6th anniversary approaches, Alto takes “metamorphosis” as the theme and transforms the initial classic products once again into 6th anniversary limited leather coasters, as a form of gratitude to friends who love leather and Alto Design.

Alto’s first and foremost product, the Libro iPad leather sleeve, is chosen to be transformed into the sixth-anniversary limited leather coasters. The beautiful leather and the elaborated products are recreated so that they will not be left unused and forgotten, just because new products are have been released. We cherish every bit of resources that has helped Alto become what it is today. We hope to recreate them with more possibilities so that the refined natural leather will continue to display vitality and further enrich your lives.

The icon on leather coaster is meaningful. Starting as a hexagon pattern, the design extends itself to a polygon, representing the situation that right at the 6th anniversary, Alto has pursued innovations and growth nonstop to keep updated with diverse images. In addition, from the leather accessories of 3C items to those for living applications, more multiple products are promoted for those who enjoy Alto’s goods to have more choices.

During the sixth anniversary celebration, the purchase of a given amount will grant you a free limited edition leather coaster. Meanwhile, there will be a discount of 10% off for orders more over $32.8USD. Even though the latest mobile phone wallet series and the anniversary color series will not be counted in the discount campaign, they are still counted in the purchase for free gift. Please make use of this opportunity to own your personal Alto accessory!

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Anniversary Celebration Period | Now – 5/16
10% discount for $32.8USD or more in the shop, and a limited edition leather coaster as free gift with purchase of more than $65USD.
* No discount for the bargains and new arrivals.
* Purchase claiming a free gift is recognized with its amount of money already discounted.
* The free gift is given with random colors.