Leather Care

How to maintain and clean
your leather properly?


Genuine leather absorbs water and steam when it comes to liquid, it can easily be a stain. When your item has water or other liquid on it, dry it immediately and store somewhere cool and dry. Once it’s dry, wipe it with a leather care product.


Like any other natural material, leather ages under sunlight exposure. Light color leather might turn dark after exposing to the sun, vice versa. If you’d like to protect your item from this natural process, keep it away from heat and sunlight.

Protect Oil

Vegetable tanned leather applies tannin extracted from plants. The color darkens after daily use, leaving some marks and fine lines as time goes by. That is the beauty of leather, it grows character with age. As cellphone accessories, they get used very often. Thus, the color changing progress occurs faster. If you wish to slow it down, try some waterproof leather care spray or oil. This can help to avoid sweat and dust.


Genuine leather is like human skin, it can get cut or scratched, so it’s very important to treat it with care. Although a scratch on leather cannot be removed, it does turn less obvious after time. You may also apply some leather care product to wipe the surface to help its condition.

Dry naturally

It’s inevitable for the leather to get dirty after long time use. When dealing with a light stain, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. On stubborn stains, wipe the area down with a damp cloth (not wet) and then let the leather dry naturally. Over-wiping might cause fading or peeling. Be gentle with it.

Daily Care

For daily care, simply use a dry white cloth to wipe off the dust whenever you would like.For further action, use a dry cloth to apply a leather conditioner in small circles on the leather. Press softly and evenly on the surface.


For the suede part, a soft brush is ideal to keep it clean and supple. A clean eraser is recommended to wipe off stains. For further protection, you can use a waterproof spray on a regular basis.

There are many types of leather cleaner/conditioner on the market. Some might darken the color while some others might lighten it. If you are not sure which, try a little amount on a small area before applying to whole leather.

Natural leather is not waterproof. We recommend you apply leather care before starting to use it. This will help your leather product last longer and be more dust-proof.