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Foglia iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus – Caramel


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  • The lightweight upper cover and back cover deftly offer more protection on three sides.
  • Available for 1-2 cards in the inner hidden space.
  • Simple and elegant stand features
  • Italian leather to offer natural warm touch-feel and the subtle scent of leather
  • Ultra-lite fiber lining to provide soft protection
  • 159mm x 81mm x12mm / 6.3” x 3.2” x0.5” , 60g

alto’s Natural Leather Products may change after a while to present unique colors, which is an interesting feature only top-tier natural leather has.

Out of stock

Simplicity is the most delicate subtlety.

The lightweight leather pouch offers more protection without sacrificing the subtle touch-feel. The Implications and Functions of the lightweight leather pouch can help you bring your cards in a more hidden way. You can enjoy videos with the stand features and keep everything the way it is.

The lightweight leather pouch offers full protection without additional thickness. You may bring your cards at ease.

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