Travel Phone Wallet – Living Coral


  • Dedicated to the smartphone and the passport.
  • Available for cards, name cards, coins, banknotes or any other portable small objects.
  • The hidden small space is available for the SIM card and the pins.
  • Available for smartphone size of 160mm x 81mm x 10 mm. And technically, available for any size of the smartphone.
  • Italian leather to offer natural warm touch-feel and the subtle scent of leather.
  • Ultra-lite fiber lining to provide soft protection
  • 185mm x 100mm x 17mm / 7” x 4” x 0.6”, 94g

Alto’s Natural Leather Products may change after a while to present unique colors, which is the interesting part dedicated to top natural leathers only.

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Travel Phone Wallet – A Leather Pouch for Your Smartphone

With the Lightweight Leather Pouch for Your Smartphone, you can carry wallet and smartphone at once without occupying the space of your pocket. You can collect and organize cards, bank notes, coins and other small portable objects. It is also convenient for you to carry your passport when you are traveling. The exterior pocket for temporary storage can be used to resolve the inconvenience caused by repeated zipping and unzipping. This pouch offers temporary storage for your passport and plane ticket. Meanwhile, you may use the pouch to put away your smartphone and other objects as you wish.

We try to offer a possibility for you to bring your wallet, smartphone, coin purse and passport case in a more sublet yet simple way. You can satisfy your daily needs right with the pouch.

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